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Tobacco Burst

“A guitar inspired by pre-World War II parlor guitars. Without compromising quality and tone, we were able to produce an amazing instrument at a more attainable price point.“

Kiki Yotam, B&G Founder

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The concept of the Standard Build Caletta was based on the success of our Private Build Caletta.  A guitar inspired by pre-World War II parlor guitars.  Without compromising quality and tone, we were able to produce an amazing instrument at a more attainable price point.

Here at B&G, we are great traditionalists.  While we know that traditional building techniques provide various advantages in tone, playability, look, and overall mojo, we also know first-hand the weak points of century-old acoustic guitars. The Caletta is built using the best that the American acoustic guitar building tradition has to offer, combined with our own carefully crafted and road-tested innovations.

To enable us to stay true to our envisioned tone, we brace our soundboards with a traditional X-bracing pattern, allowing for a punchy, yet full-bodied sound. This, combined with the warmth and musical tone of the 12th fret neck-to-body joint, and a well-tuned sound hole, results in a very balanced instrument. All our braces are made of shaped spruce which allows for an unhindered resonance of the soundboard.  Our guitars are glued using hot hide glue (the use of which goes as far back as ancient Egypt and has long been traditionally used for musical instrument making).  It chemically bonds with the wood, allowing the instrument to resonate more fully.

We believe that a great guitar is one that inspires your passion for playing.  A guitar that calls you to unite with it and melt into the music.  Every aspect of the Standard Build Caletta guitar was designed for comfort and playability.

The Standard Build Caletta is now available for the first time ever as part of our Standard Build series. Made in Tel-Aviv, Israel according to our unparalleled standards.

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Caletta Sitka/Mahogany - Tobacco Burst

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Caletta Sitka/Mahogany - Tobacco Burst