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B&G Private Build Hand - Wound Kikbuckers - B&G Guitars

B&G Private Build Hand-Wound Kikbuckers


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The Kikbuckers are named after Yotam "Kiki" Goldshtein, the B&G Guitars co-founder and Master Builder who developed them. They are designed to retain the look, size and playing feel of our original P90s, except without the hum associated with single coil pickups, thanks to the dual stacked coil design. The tone blends warmth and twang nicely. The Kikbuckers have their own personality, providing a signature bite in the upper midrange, and a crispness that will keep your sound tight. These stellar pickups are ideally suited to players who make use of more overdrive and effects, or those who want a dead-quiet vintage flavored tone in the recording session.

Available as calibrated sets only, lightly potted, with gold-plated or nickel-plated screw poles.

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B&G Private Build Hand-Wound Kikbuckers

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B&G Private Build Hand-Wound Kikbuckers