Private Build

Step Sister Metallic Champagne Gloss
Cutaway - B&G Hand-Wound Humbuckers
S/N 1906102
This magnificent Step Sister was used as a B&G Showroom model and is ready to ship.

Guitar Condition: Near Mint

Case type: Hard case
Case condition: Near mint

The Step Sister has a slightly larger body than the Little Sister with more convenient access to the higher frets- perfect for lead players looking for their go to soloing guitar. This unique offer comes with a prestigious Ziricote fingerboard, flame maple mounting rings and flame maple neck binding. 

$6,500.00 $5,500.00


  • One-piece Mahogany body (chambered)
  • Maple top w/Maple headplate
  • Ziricote fingerboard
  • Flame Maple neck binding
  • B&G Hand-wound Humbucker pickups with Flame Maple mounting rings
  • Lacquered Brass hardware
  • Metallic Champagne gloss finish
  • Hardshell Case
  • Free worldwide shipping


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Step Sister Metallic Champagne gloss - Private Build

Step Sister Metallic Champagne gloss - Private Build