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The B&G Orchestra

The OM guitar has an illustrious history dating back to the early 20th century, captivating musicians with its versatility and perfectly balanced tonal characteristics. Loved by fingerstyle players and strummers alike, the OM's convenient size, resonant sound, and unique "compressed" character have established it as a cherished treasure among acoustic guitarists worldwide.

The original design inherently impresses, yet we managed to take it a step further, and infuse it with our DNA. It now not only demonstrates elite craftsmanship and playability, but produces a sound that's carefully refined, crystal-clear, and expressively coherent.

$5,199 – $7,999
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Please note that the lead time is approximately 6-8 months. The order requires a deposit of $2,000, with the rest of the balance due when the guitar is complete.
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