Add expressive vibrato to your Step Sister guitar with a B&G Tailbar – B&G Guitars
A B&G Step Sister Tailbar in the shape of a hand gripping a lever, with the brand name "B&G Guitars" etched on the palm area. Reminiscent of the B&G Tailbar tremolo system, it mounts on a surface with the lever positioned horizontally at the top. The background is black.
A metallic, chrome-finished sifter with an engraving that reads “Sift Sizer” is shown against a white background. The device has a handle for easy grip and appears to be designed for sifting flour or other dry ingredients, much like the precision of the B&G Step Sister Tailbar on a B&G Guitars guitar.
An image of a silver B&G Step Sister Tailbar with an attached whammy bar. The B&G Guitars tailpiece features a scalloped design and a spring mechanism.
A gold-colored bottle opener shaped like a hand, with the words "B&G Step Sister Tailbar" engraved in black on one side, reminiscent of the precision seen in a B&G Guitars tremolo system. The handle is extended outwards and the opener shines against a black background.

B&G Solid-Messing Bridge



Broen i ABR-stil som är installerad som standard på alla privata och standardbyggnader
gitarrer finns som en drop-in direkt uppgradering för B&G Crossroads och naturligtvis för alla gitarrer som passar med en liknande brygga.

Twang, notseparation och beröringsdynamik kommer att öka betydligt.

Det är den enskilt mest effektiva hårdvaruuppdateringen för en B&G Crossroads, och vi kan inte komma på någon gitarr som inte skulle dra nytta av dess antagande.

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B&G Solid-Messing Bridge

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B&G Solid-Messing Bridge