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Standard Build vs. Crossroads

Standard Build vs. Crossroads - Which one should you get?

Standard Build

Little Sister, Classic



Little Sister, Classic


The Similarities:

The Standard Build series and the Crossroads series both offer exceptional value for money. Our mission is simple: To deliver high-quality musical instruments from a customer-centric state of mind. Build Series: Those of you who have been following us for a while may recognize a striking resemblance between the featured instruments in our Standard Build series to our luxurious Private Build series.

That is simply because they are built using the same materials, in the same place, and by the same luthiers that make each Private Build piece. Therefore, the mastery, building techniques, and quality of materials used for each Standard Build guitar are at the level of a Private Build piece. The key difference is that the guitars we make in our Standard Build series cannot be customized. The Standard Build models are crafted with the specs & finish that our master luthiers best intended them to come - classic, prestigious, reliable instruments for the professional player. We have set a new standard for a B&G instrument, allowing for a top-of-the-line axe at an affordable price.

B&G Crossroads Series:

The Crossroads series came to be from the idea that playing a quality instrument should be an option for everyone. Luckily, when we launched this series, we had solidified the secret to building our dream guitar. We had been making each Private Build guitar by hand and had gone abroad to train a team of luthiers and craftsmen and create a wider production line. We monitor the materials being used, and are there every step of the way in the production line to assure a level of quality that matches our set of standards. At first, it wasn’t easy, and we had to overcome many challenges and obstacles, but we have finally made it. We were able to bring the magical spark of our Little Sister, along with a few other models (Big Sister) to an affordable instrument with surprising skills in playability, sound, look and feel. We are constantly developing and are working hard to bring more models and products from our high-end line to the Crossroads series.

Specs comparison


Standard Build®



Back Wood One-Piece African Mahogany Multi-Piece African Mahogany

Top Wood Book-Matched/One-Piece Solid Maple or Mahogany Book-Matched Solid Maple


Potentiometers One-Piece Aged Genuine Mahogany One-Piece Air-Dried Indonesian Mahogany

BODY THICKNESS PEACK 2 11/32” /59.5mm 2 11/32” /59.5mm

Behind the scenes

Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

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