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Queen of Hearts

Every B&G Private build guitar is passionately crafted by renowned artisans Eliran Barashi and Yotam 'Kiki' Goldshtein.

Kiki Yotam, Eliran

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The Goldfinger model represents the crown jewel of our luthiery expertise, designed to emit a vintage aura while being ideal for the modern player. It features a semi-hollow African mahogany body with a solid aged maple top for unmatched resonance, akin to a violin's clarity and depth. Rigorously carved, it marries the complexity of its design with the organic sensitivity of its materials, ensuring it vibrates with life at the slightest touch. The deep cutaway and exotic ziricote fingerboard guarantee playability up to the last fret, while its solid-brass tailpiece enhances its natural reverb. Enveloped in natural figured maple binding, the Goldfinger stands out not just for its superior playability and sound, but for its visual elegance, making it a masterpiece instrument that's both agile and enduring.

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Goldfinger Queen of Hearts

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Goldfinger Queen of Hearts