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Limited Edition

Prototype Amp
S/N 071

This unique Prototype Amp was assembled and hand-wired in our workshop and features a carefully selected combination of components for a gigantic clean or crunchy sound.

Amp Condition: Near mint
Includes dust cover

The B&G Prototype™ Amp is a retro-style guitar amplifier that blends classic tube amp features with innovative design. With clean headroom and tube overdrive/fuzz, it delivers a warm vintage sound, thanks partly to limited new, old-stock audio capacitors. The B&G Private Build staff assembles and hand-wires each amp in Israel. A limited NOS capacitors edition of 100 units is available worldwide. Don't miss this rare opportunity to add vintage flair to your guitar playing.

$3,950.00 $3,499.00


  • Includes a Footswitch to switch between amp modes.
  • Lots of clean headroom.
  • Push-Pull volume knob for tighter bass and scooped mids.
  • Easy switching of tubes.
  • 2x10” High-end Jensen® P-10R speakers.
  • 240v power cord.
  • Tubes: 2x6V6 output tubes, 3x12AX7 preamp tubes, 1x12AT7 driver tube, 5Y3 rectifier tube.

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Limited Edition Prototype Amp

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Limited Edition Prototype Amp